September 7, 2012

The Future's so Bright

While the temps may be cooling, we are still loving bright shades and incorporating them wherever we can.

Check out the adorable Counting Sheep Sweater paired with the Skinny Skinny Ankle Cord in fireplace red. Both from Madewell.  How great would this sweater look with one of our favorite No. 2 pencil skirts from J.Crew? So Kate Bosworth.

And while we would take a pair of Madewell's Sidewalk Skimmers in every color and print, the pair below, in bright lemon, has moved up the wish list from want, to need now.

But its not just the fashion industry that's seeing
a saturation of brights. No my friends, bold pops of color have made their way into fashionable homes everywhere and we couldn't be happier.

You may hesitate, thinking to yourself that
bright accents are unsophisticated, but we disagree and think the risk is worth the payoff.
Check out some of the gorgeous spaces below that have made huge statements incorporating bright tones.

Eclectic Living Room design by Boise Interior Designer Judith Balis

How chic are these magenta arm chairs? Seriously, we can imagine them in so many spaces - Against a lacquered charcoal or navy wall. Maybe with a dark, worn-in turkish rug. Add some gilded accents, or tone them down with grass cloth wallpaper. Oh my, the imagination runs wild.

Charles Luck Stone Center

This lemon-colored sofa has to be one of our favorites, and several of the pieces in this space come from a local gem: Luxe Home Couture. The sofa is not only a show-stopper, but it actually looks really comfy.  If only the dogs could keep their paws clean.

Maybe you already have a fabulous sofa and are simply looking for a simple way to update your space. Think toss pillows, a great accent lamp, or perhaps just a fabulous lamp shade, like the turquoise beauty below. It's fabulousness is accented by the great gilded mirror. You can never go wrong with turquoise and gold.
Eclectic Entry design by Toronto Home Staging
REDESIGN4MORE Home Staging & Design Solutions
The future sure is bright.

Can't wait to see you ... in   the   Gray


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